In homage to unfinished projects

I’m definitely a ‘process’ crafter. By this I mean I love the planning, thinking, plotting that goes with working out how to do a project. Use the right wool? Pah! For wimps! Buy something that I can make myself? No chance! Bring on the challenge.

This personality failing causes much swearing, wine-drinking and pouting. None of which actively help when things are going wrong.

It’s rare that a project will go from beginning to end smoothly, and if it does I feel like I’ve missed a part of the experience. An item needs to be saturated with blood, sweat and tea to be sufficiently worthwhile.

This also means that once it’s clear that I’ve worked through all the problems and the end of the project is near… I do have a tendency to just stop. It’s like the excitement is over, my interest in the item has gone. So here, to my shame, is my currently collection of items that just need a little bit more work to be finished.

One cardigan, needs the ends sewing in, washing, blocking and sewing together:

Unfinished cardigan

One drop stitch scarf, officially ‘television knitting’ but we don’t have a television:

Unfinished scarf

One tractor rug, my son’s 2008 Christmas present (oops):

Unfinished rug

The only reason the list isn’t longer is because I finished two things on Sunday, a teddy for one friend’s baby and a taggy blanket for another friend’s baby:

Raggy ted

Taggy blanket

And this doesn’t include my other current project which is definitely on the must-do-now list so doesn’t yet deserve to be on this list. And, yes, I am knitting it two sizes too large in the DK rather than aran wool, and hoping it fits.

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