Knitting rhythm

Having promised Woollydaze I would post a week ago, I somehow didn’t find the time until this beautiful, sunny morning. I’m full of ideas for topics, and am only a little intimidated at the thought of mastering the blogging software. So why the delay?

My choice of knitting often reflects life at that time, and I’ve not knitted a stitch since Monday due to the rigours of starting a new job. This week was all about the small achievements: finding my desk again after lunch; hitting ‘print’ and locating the printer to retrieve the document; escaping from the building at the end of the day (I had to skulk in the shadows and watch someone exit before I understood what to do). So, next week is about simple knitting and finishing.

Over the Rainbow baby blanket

This Over the Rainbow baby blanket was conceived to use some of the odds and ends in my stash. Knitting commenced when Wimbledon began on the BBC, and I garter stitched my way through some nail-biting, entertaining and historic tennis. All that remains is weaving in the ends, 156 of them, and that is my aim for this week. Even baby steps are forward motion.

Over the Rainbow baby blanket ends to be sewn in And look here, real live potatoes from the garden! One potato plant had shrivelled and died, so I dug it up in case it affected the others, and these wee jewels were nestling underneath. It’s our first produce from the allotment patch and I’m delighted to be eating real, live vegetables from our very own ground.

Five potatoes in a row on a windowsill

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