The green eyed crafting monster

First, a thank you to Brynn for supplying the header for WoollyDaze. He and his brother came to look around the farm during lambing, and this is the thank you card he sent: Sheep card

I loved it so much couldn’t bear to take it down, which I’m glad about now.

Crafting time has been severely limited recently. I’ve been doing this instead: Jam

So far we have seedless raspberry jam, summer fruits jam (gooseberries, redcurrants, blackcurrants and raspberries) and raspberry & redcurrant jam. Did you notice that’s a lot of raspberries? Our bushes are laden and we haven’t yet got through what’s in the freezer from last year. Tonight’s tasks: strawberry jam and cherry jam. One is bubbling on the Aga as I type.

Which means that I’m no further forward on any of my projects, and can’t therefore update you with my amazing progress.

Last weekend was taken up with visiting friends. Unusually me, my husband, my son, and my parents-in-law all left the village at the same time. This is rare. So rare, in fact, that I’ve never known it happen before. Usually somebody has to stay behind to look after the farm. We do, thankfully, employ a hardworking and reliable farm worker who also lives in the village, so when the sheep took advantage of our absence to go and play tennis on a neighbour’s court, we were able to send him to sort it out.

Anyway, back to the friend we were visiting. Have you ever had crafting envy? Have you ever walked around somebody else’s house and wanted to live there because of the craftiness you see displayed? Have you ever received a gift from somebody and, whilst being very grateful for the gift, wanted to be able to make it yourself? That’s the feeling I get around this friend. Here’s the gift she made for my son when he was born: Sheep quilt

Isn’t it fantastic! And her whole house is full of such amazing quilted items. She also makes her own clothes, and clothes for her children. I wanted to pack a few items from her walls and clothes line and run away with them.

I am grateful for the inspiration and encouragement provided by my creative friends and family. I count what I do as crafty rather than creative because I’m following patterns rather than making thing up. I love the feeling you get when you discuss projects and inspiration and ideas are sparked.

I am meeting up with Woollydaze Too and a creative friend this weekend for a crafty girls get together, so hopefully something will come out of that. If nothing else, a sewn up cardigan would do.

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3 Responses to The green eyed crafting monster

  1. You Know Who says:

    I love you LN x

  2. Ruth says:

    Had a wonderful creative day! Thanks 🙂

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