FO: Not-quite-eternity aran

The 10-year-old daughter of a good friend (also a knitter: the friend and the daughter) laughed when I mentioned that I had been knitting this cardigan for 10 years. I don’t think she quite believed that it was begun in the year that she was born. I do remember that Woollydaze had given me a copy of the Knitwell Online catalogue and I was so very excited by the range of patterns and wools that could be procured from them (remember, this is before the marvel of the Internet made knitters’ lives so much simpler). I’m pretty sure I sent off a cheque and order form, and waited the legally allowed 28 days for delivery of 12 balls of Sirdar Eternity Aran and a pattern for an oversized cardigan (I lived in a very chilly house at the time, and that possibly influenced my choice). I started knitting the back (I discovered when I picked the project up again), and then put it down, packed it away, and moved house three times.

Then, one day in 2007, I stumbled across the Yarn Harlot’s blog, and the big, wide world of the knitting blogosphere opened up. And I haven’t really stopped knitting since…

Eternity aran long cardiganIt was about time that this cardigan was knocked on the head (figuratively), and I’m so glad that I chose a beautifully soft yarn with 47% merino and 4% alpaca when I bought it all that time ago (there’s also 35% acrylic, 10% nylon and 4% polyester). The knitting was relatively quick (super-bulky yarn), apart from the month during which it was at Woollydaze’s house as I’d accidentally left it in her bag. The finished garment is very warm, snuggly and soft, and I can see this getting a lot of use. Though maybe not so much in July and August, but I can wait. Oh, yes, I can wait.

Eternity aran long cardiagn frontRavelled here

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