Mini meltdown

We had a mini meltdown around here over the weekend, and I’m a little ashamed to say the source wasn’t the nearly-two-year-old. Facing another day of washing-cleaning-hoovering-baking-cooking-gardening-childminding with no hint of crafting, I found the end of my patience. My husband reeled off the list of jobs he wanted to get done, none of which included or were compatible with childcare. I tried to clean a room, child in tow. After a constant battle for use of the hoover and telling the little one off for trying to put things in/pull things out of electric sockets, I’d had enough.

Being adult and grown up as I am, lying of the floor and kicking my heels wasn’t an option. Instead, the conversation went something like this:

  • Husband: Are you OK.
  • Me: Yes
  • Husband: Are you sure? You seem bothered. (Perceptive, isn’t he?)
  • Me: I’m fine – it’s just…. [cue tears].

It’s not really the nearly-two-year old, he’s nearly two and that’s what they do. I know that anything I try to do with him will take at least twice as long, but it’s all part of learning about everyday life for him. With harvest fast approaching I know that I’m going to be even busier soon, and and just needed a bit of ‘me’ time before it begins.

So perceptive husband took child with him, and took him for a ride on a tractor (to put them back in the shed), the quad bike (to check the sheep) and the lawnmower (work that one out for yourself). They played with water and washing up liquid, and sand in the garden. He slid down his slide and played hide-and-seek around the not particularly big trees in the growing wood. This is one of the best things about living on a farm – entertainment is never far away. And I got to knit, knit, knit. So my cardigan is washed, blocked and is drying, and my lace project is coming along a treat.

I hadn’t touched said lace project since the trip to see friends two weekends ago, and I hate the effort involved in trying to work out where you are in the pattern. Now I’m going again, life seems so much better. I hadn’t really appreciated how my lack of crafting time affected my mood – I think my husband now understands.

Local produce show

We have our local show at the end of August and last year I won first prize in the knitting section, so I’m hoping to finish the lace project in time. It looks a lot more impressive than the cardigan.

There’s a proper crafty girls day out planned for tomorrow – WoollyDaze Too and I are off to Knit Nation. I can’t wait. We went to iKnit a couple of years ago. If you’re a knitter, this photo is blatant name dropping:

Meeting the Yarn Harlot

Not many of my friends are impressed by this. I think you lot will understand.

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