Knit Nation, the Marketplace

So, WoollyDaze Too and I arrived at Knit Nation, registered and were pointed in the direction of the marketplace. We entered, determined to only look since we both had quite enough wool already at home. This resolution held for the first circuit around the hall. What a box of delights!

A few old friends who are well and truly on our knitting map – Fyperspates, Toft Alpacas, The Natural Dye Studio. Some new wool that we’d never fondled in real life before –  Rohrspatz und Wollmeise, Old Maiden Aunt . Oh, and the roving!

 So we didn’t make it out of there empty-handed. We actually spent all the money we had in our wallets. Thankfully we didn’t notice the cash machine sitting just outside the hall. Wool and roving

I bought some Fyperspates sparkly sock wool. I’m a sucker for anything sparkly. I only bought one skein and I don’t need any more shawls, socks, hats or mittens at the moment, so I’m thinking about using it for the edging or stripes for a cardigan. But any ideas are welcome.

I also bought some roving  from Juno (I think) but it’s actually for WoollyDaze Too. It’s been tucked away in the presents box for our birthday in March. This, she says, will give her a chance to knit some of the projects she currently has planned. Her present 18 months ago was a six month membership of The Natural Dye Studio’s sock club and I believe all of those skeins are still being admired as wool rather than as knitted objects. But such is the delusion of an enthusiastic knitter.

 WoollyDaze Too bought some fiery wool for a present. But more on that in future posts. Being her Ravelry friend, I think I know what pattern it’s destined for, and I think it’ll look amazing.

And finally, we thought lots and hunted hard and found a special skein for a special friend who needs a little bit of wool-based love in her life at the moment. It’s from Old Maiden Aunt and the colourway, Dreich, sums up her day last Thursday. Since she unexpectedly has a little bit of time on her hands, we hope she enjoys turning this into something warm and snuggly that reminds her how much she is appreciated.

Not a bad haul for two knitters who weren’t going to buy anything.

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