Pickling through

If jam-making is so last week and chutney is where it’s at, we’re ahead of the trend in the WoollyDaze Too household as this week has been about pickling.

Onions drying on a wallIt’s our first year with a garden suitable for growing fruit and veg, and while I embraced the concept with enthusiasm, I’ll be refining my approach next year. Having researched appropriate varieties and cultivars (including quizzing WoollyDaze, whose veg garden is a thing of beauty and wonder), I purchased and planted enough potatoes and onions to keep a small army fed over the winter. Sadly we don’t have a small army to feed and my cat isn’t partial to root vegetables, so we’re storing and giving away as much as we can (I’m a firm believer that what goes around comes around when giving away homegrown and homemade food).

Over the weekend we visited Mostly Eating‘s abode, and I was so impressed with the variety of food that was being grown in a much smaller space than we had turned over to food production. The two raised beds plus fruit and veg in pots make excellent use of the height of the garden as well as the acreage (as well as elevating tempting morsels away from hungry chicken beaks). Lesson learned: less is more. Time to start planning next year’s growing, and it will be more varied.

PIckled shallots

‘Less is more’ would be a good motto to emblazon on my knitting bag – while I currently have a huge variety of projects on the go, there’s a dearth of finished items to show. But I have been bitten by the Noro bug … more about that next time!

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