FO: Chasing rainbows socks

The British (and in particular the English) are often accused of choosing to talk about the weather: do forgive me if I mention the rain last week. Throughout July, England was bathed in glorious sunshine for day after day, but August has been rather more reserved. The weekend just gone was August bank holiday, and having rained almost non-stop for 36 hours at the end of last week, yesterday the sun peeped out and gave us a reminder of what it feels like to have warmth on your back when sitting on a picnic blanket in your sister’s garden, knitting, while your smaller nephew runs over to the gate to gaze enviously at the tractor and trailer rolling in and out of the farmyard, ferrying freshly harvested grain. He’s rather a fan of tractors.

But I digress. This knitter was exceedingly glad during the dreich episode last week to have just completed some rainbow-coloured socks. Subtle and understated? I don’t think so. The yarn, Noro Kureyon sock, was surprisingly fun to knit with (so much so that I began the gusset increases on the first sock 8 rows late as I was distracted by watching the yarn change colour. Naturally the second sock had to contain the same error). The pattern, Sidestream socks from Cat Bordhi’s New Pathways for Sock Knitters, I’ve knitted three times before and I see more in my future, unless I’m seduced to try one of the other patterns in the book. Heck, I’m not short of sock wool. Which is a good thing, because autumn is in the air and what are short days and long nights good for if not knitting?

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