The 26 day knitted cake, sandwich and fruit challenge

After a frantic week and a half finishing off my lacy shrug in time for the show, I kicked back a little bit and contemplated the next item on the knitting to do list without any feeling of hurry. My son has recently developed a liking for pouring us all drinks and giving us plates from his toy tea set. To help with this imaginary play, I want to knit him some cakes for his birthday. And, in a nod to ‘healthy eating’, some sandwiches and fruit too. This is where Ravelry really comes into its own because a few searches later I had free patterns for quite a few bits of food.

I want to knit:

  • sandwiches, sponge cakes, mini swiss rolls
  • apples, pears, oranges
  • carrots
  • cookies
  • strawberries
  • fairy cakes
  • tomatoes

I want to do two of each item… which means I have a grand total of 26 items to knit before his birthday at the beginning of October. I got out my calendar and did a quick count up and realised I had exactly 26 days before his birthday to knit these items.

It’s not the knitting that takes that long, it’s the sewing together. WoollyDaze Too and I learned this lesson when we knitted an advent calendar for my nephew a few years ago. On the day he was due to visit, towards the end of November, we were up until 4am sewing together the shapes that went in the pockets. Wine and chocolate covered raisins kept us going that time. Now I have a small child who gets out of bed at any time after 6am, I don’t think that such dedication/silliness is an option.

Today is day 10.

Knitted cakes

Knitted fruitI haven’t yet finished anything, although I’ve knitted most of 13 items (and realised I can’t knit two pears because I don’t have enough stash wool in the right colour). The doctor this evening told me to stop knitting for a couple of weeks (the beginning of RSI issues). Listen, time is passing…

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1 Response to The 26 day knitted cake, sandwich and fruit challenge

  1. WoollyDaze Too says:

    Could you maybe aim to finish one item for his birthday, and then ‘surprise’ him with more as you finish them? He’s young enough to not take it personally, I think…

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