Howdy strangers

Hello from the WoollyDaze household. Apologies for the radio silence – there’s been important things going on around here. Not least the number of birthdays that happen at this time of year, now I’m part of a farming family. Beginning of October is Little Woolly’s birthday, mid-October is husband’s birthday and then a few days later his sister’s birthday. end of October is mother-in-law’s birthday and then mid-November is father-in-law’s family. Add in father’s birthday at the end of September and mother’s birthday at the end of September, and you might begin to understand one of the reasons why life has been so busy.

Update on the 26-day-knitted-fruit-and-cake-challenge. Sadly, I failed. I didn’t get much more done than what is in the photo. I heeded the doctor’s advice to not knit, and I have to say that my wrist is feeling better. Having got most of the fruit, veg and cake actually knitted, they might well become a Christmas present for Little Woolly instead. I can claim to be organised with the Christmas knitting.

The main reason we’ve been busy in this household recently is this:

Redecorating lounge

That’s our lounge. At the beginning of October it had wallpaper and plaster on the walls, a ceiling and a carpet, and furniture. Now it doesn’t. We live in a (roughly) 1810 house so when we start decorating there’s always surprises. We had intended to keep the Baxi fire, partly to keep costs down and partly because sweeping the ashes into a hopper in the cellar was easy and practical. But building standards have changed and our chimney is no longer considered suitable, so we’ve done a very quick about-turn and find a woodburning stove instead.

We’ve been desperate to redecorate this room since we moved in 3 years ago. One of these wallpapers is from my grandparents house, in a photo taken just after I was born. The other wallpaper is the one that’s just been removed from the lounge:

Comparison of wallpapers

Is that enough of an explanation?

We’re hoping to have this room redecorated by new year… and so the 69 day decorating challenge begins. This time the motivation is our standing order of new year visitors – 8 adults and 6 children. If we don’t get this done there will be nowhere to eat because the dining room is currently the lounge.

Where’s the paintbrush?

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