FO: Jacket for Peg Leg Otto

Hello, Woollydaze here…

Way back when Little Woolly was littler, it was discovered that he’d managed to survive the first year of his life without a teddy bear. This did not seem right or proper so Woollydaze Too set about rectifying the situation, presenting him with Peg Leg Otto (original pattern by Ysolda Teague) for his birthday. Since then PL Otto has been cuddled and thrown out of bed in about equal measure, depending on the whims of a toddler. PL Otto, loyal to the end, never complains.


Now, Little Woolly doesn’t have that many soft toys and he’s fond of only a few of them. The most love has been given to Raggy Lamb, a fleecy square with a head (actually, there’s two fleecy squares with heads so one can be cuddled whilst one’s being washed). He has recently fallen from grace and been replaced by Dressing Gown; yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. PL Otto is next on the list. He’s spent many lonely hours in bed waiting his turn.

The time had come to reward PL Otto for his devotion, and to make him more comfortable in a bedroom where the temperature has on one particularly cold occasion been recorded as twelve degrees Celcius. It was time to knit him a jacket. I found some aran wool in a natty maroon from the deeper and older depths of the stash, and set to work. A couple of days later, it was done. 

For the first time, Little Woolly was given the button box. Many of these buttons were liberated from my Grandma’s house in successive visits when one of the greatest pleasures was tipping out her big tin of buttons and sorting through for the most pretty and interesting. My button box is significantly smaller than Grandma’s was, but it’s still a treasure trove for a small child. We hunted through, ostensibly looking for three matching buttons but deciding in the end that two would do. We chose mouse buttons over the hippos, dogs and ducks, probably because my mother-in-law does a wonderful shriek when Little Woolly, with a twinkle in his eye, looks at her and says ‘mouse, eee-eee-eee’. She doesn’t like mice.

So PL Otto is now wrapped up against the cold and has been enjoying more cuddles for the past few days as his new jacket (with mouse buttons) is shown off. PL Otto needs to eat more marmalade or honey for his jacket to fit properly, but once again he’s not complained. This jacket was quick and easy to knit, but making it gave me much pleasure and continues to make me smile. Ravelry link here.

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