A soapy aside

Hello, Woollydaze here…

This was one of my Christmas presents from Woollydaze Too:

I can honestly say that it had not occurred to me that you could make soap from sheep wool ‘fat’ (which is, I think, an old fashioned name for lanolin). The information leaflet says it’s a traditional recipe and suggests that it’s good for sensitive skin.

I haven’t yet tried the soap as I’m too taken with the idea of it still, but I’m expecting it to be seriously good because it’s been around for so long and there’s got to be some reason why people are still buying it. That reason is certainly not the smell. It smells awful.

The branding reminds me of coal tar soap, which reminds me of the day Little Woolly was born. He was a planned homebirth, and as we got close to the crucial moment one of the midwives joked about how she had been at a homebirth once when a supermarket order had arrived during labour. Which made me remember that we had an order due any second. The order was late and Little Woolly arrived first, and one of the midwifes went downstairs to tell the driver to put all of the shopping in the scullery. My mother-in-law then put the shopping away in the cupboards. And for the next week I kept finding things in the cupboards that I hadn’t ordered, including some coal tar soap. We used it all up at the sink in the scullery but the sight and smell will always evoke strong memories.

Little Woolly certainly seems to have taken a liking to the Wool Fat Soap. ‘My soap’ he declares every time he sees it, and I keep having to reclaim it from amongst his toys.

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