More Woodendaze than Woollydaze

Hello, Woollydaze here…

So, what exactly is a sail shelf? Imagine you live in a family where the mother would like to display books, the father would like room for a subwoofer and the child would like somewhere for his toy boxes (if he were able to articulate his opinion). How do you cater for all the different criteria?

Answer: You stumble across this on the internet, steal the idea and as a consequence make these: 

Aren’t they great? I love, love, love them. Possibly more than the shelves in the bedroom, if such a thing is possible.

They’re made solid oak and yet look like they’re floating. This has been achieved by drilling some very large holes in the wall and the shelves and cementing in very large steel rods. Occasionally, living in a house with solid walls has advantages, although at least one drill was destroyed in the process. The ‘sail’ on the end is very visible as you walk into the room; whilst it’s mostly decorative it does make the shelves into a feature. 

And so, at last, my books have been unpacked and dusted and put on shelves. They have never been on display before, having spent their life in stacking boxes. When Woollydaze Too and I lived at home home we shared a bedroom, and in the centre competing piles of stacking boxes grew until my mum told us asked us to not buy any more books until we had our own homes to put them in. It’s only taken me a decade and a half to achieve this.

Mr Woollydaze, here’s a heartfelt ‘thank you’ from me. I know that you called in the professionals to help out, but you listened to my ideas, thought them through, designed the shelves, sourced the wood, directed the show, sanded and stained. I keep sneaking a peek through the doorway and thinking ‘wow’ at the finished result. You’ve done a fabulous job.

Coming up next time: back to wool. Promise.

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2 Responses to More Woodendaze than Woollydaze

  1. Ruth says:

    Wow Woollydaze – they’re amazing shelves. Just love how they look! At last all your books can be out – how marvellous!

  2. Fabulous shelves! I’m very jealous!!!

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