FO: Secrets cross stitch and tractor rug

Hello, Woollydaze here…

Like many crafters, I suspect, I’m happy when people admire what I’m making. For me, this is one of the big attractions of Ravelry. I like listing the projects that I’ve finished, the story behind them and the trials they’ve caused me. Writing up an entry provides a tidy finish, otherwise it can feel like the item is gifted and disappears from my life without a proper send-off. Of course, there are many other great benefits of Ravelry, including the ability to search for hours for the ‘perfect’ pattern or the ‘perfect’ wool to use for a pattern. But collecting ‘favourite’ hearts on projects is definitely one of my hobbies.

However, I do make things that don’t fit into the knitting/crotcheting sphere of Ravelry, and this is where the Woollydaze blog allows me to show them off. Whilst the name of the blog and the strapline suggest the subject is wool, regular readers will notice that we (or rather, I) often veer away from this topic depending on what else is being made at the time.

So here we have a post about cross stitch and latch hooking. I was slightly embarrassed *ahem* by my admission a few weeks ago that I had so many unfinished projects littering the house, and so dug out a couple of them to finish off.

This cross stitch, done approximately fifteen years ago and tucked away in my sewing box since, is a kit from DMC kit from the Lanarte Life Style Collection, and is called ‘Secrets’. It would probably be classed as a vintage item now. My father-in-law tells me that he’s seen the image as a print, but I’ve not. I still like it but it’s not something I would put up on my wall, so I thought it would make a heritage gift for a friend who has recently had a baby girl. Framing it in blue has brought out the colours in the picture and I like the simple limewashed style of the frame. I hope it will be treasured.

Then – happy first Christmas Little Woolly (oops, only two and a bit years late) – I’ve finished the tractor rug. I only had the edging to do, and it did take longer than I thought it would. Lots of hand stitching around corners. However, Little Woolly came to look as I was sewing it and declared it was ‘nice and soft’, and it’s now next to his bed so he can scrunch it underneath his feet in the morning and the evening. Apparently it’s ‘tickly’. That’s the sort of positive feedback that I wouldn’t have got had it been finished on schedule. Ironically, the latest tractor we have on the farm is actually red rather than green, but we’ll skate quickly over that fact. Little Woolly was running down the hallway with his nursery bag on his back last week pretending to be a tractor with a trailer, and I asked him if he was John Deere or Massey Ferguson. He said John Deere (green tractors), so I think I’ve got away with it.

There are a few other FOs (wool based this time) hanging around but they’re all for babies who are not yet born and so haven’t yet been gifted. So I’ll leave you with that tantalising tidbit of information, and the promise that you will see them as soon as possible.

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1 Response to FO: Secrets cross stitch and tractor rug

  1. Ruth says:

    Fabulous tractor and a great picture – you can almost imagine it in the field!! It’s a great sense of relief when you finish WIP’s from the cupboard. For me it gives me permission to start new things and that’s always great!

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